I don't care how many books you read about how to run a business; experience is the best teacher. The nurse believed that experience was the best teacher when it came to developing a bedside manner, so she made sure that all her students spent a lot of time with patients.

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Aezril Balinda Baharuddin D20102041473 said...

There are a lot of benefits of reading... but here are a few:
It expands your vocabulary. It improves your spelling. It helps you understand different ways of life. It helps you understand different ideas. It helps you learn to communicate. It helps us find other people like ourselves. It can be fun to read new stories and find out what happens. It expands your imagination. It helps you know what other people know, so that instead of repeating their mistakes and experiments, you can expand upon them and go farther as a community. It helps you drive from one place to another. It allows you the freedom to find out what other humans have had to say over the years. It helps you know what drugs are in which bottles. It helps when you have to mute the TV because you can read the subtitles and still know what is happening. It helps you go on the internet and interact.
I could go on... for days, probably. But that is a start.
A few important 'practical' benefits of reading can be:
Reading can make one learn not only languages but cultures and rituals of civilizations by making an individual live the past, present or future of places he or she has never been to.
It is like a manual to handle a device called life where in there are so many possible situations and options where in what counts is the experience. Reading makes an individual benefit out of the worldly experiences of people and help shape an intellect out of that learning, help take decisions on occasions where in one has to be in the same shoes as that of any other individual already been there.

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